Dorset Council – Do the right thing!

With thanks to Chris Talbot

Dorset Council’s Health and Wellbeing Board is charged with improving the health and wellbeing of residents. The Council’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-2019 asserts that “reducing inequalities remains a priority for the Health and Wellbeing Board. This is because many of the patterns of ill-health and early deaths that we see are linked with inequality in Dorset.”

Low Pay – No Way endorses policies presented to Dorset Council by WeyPAW. Low Pay – No Way asks the Council to take the lead in tackling low pay and injustice at work. It asks the Council, Dorset’s largest employer, to:

  • Confirm its commitment to comply with employment law, particularly in relation to the National Minimum Wage, Equal Pay, and in-work benefits.
  • Require those bidding for contracts issued by the Council to similarly commit to comply with employment law.
  • Promptly progress plans to pay the Real Living Wage (as defined by the Living Wage Foundation) to all Council employees and require such payments to be made by those undertaking Council contracts.
  • Work with the Council’s recognised trade unions to raised awareness of employment rights and initiate an action plan to address the gender pay gap. 
  • Support a pilot scheme for 12 months to provide workshops on employment rights and remedies at local colleges and schools.
  • Support a pilot scheme to provide weekly surgeries on employment rights and remedies.
  • Liaise with local Chambers of Commerce to ensure that employers are familiar with their legal obligations.
  • Establish a Dorset Council Good Employer scheme: key criteria to be full compliance with legal obligations on employment rights and a commitment to pay the Real Living Wage.

We demand improved public transport with lower fares, particularly to ensure that people living in rural areas can travel to work. Our elected representatives on Dorset Council must take the initiative: continued isolation means unemployment, insecure jobs, poor pay and poor prospects. We want effective, environmentally friendly public transport – it’s a must.